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Can the Local Schools Cope With the Rise in Bad Behaviour?

A world in which everyone gets on well would be lovely, wouldn't it? No crime, no bullying and nice clean, litter and dog mess free, streets. However, we live in a world where young people can do whatever they want and not get any sanctions for it. Personally, I believe that this cycle starts in High Schools, maybe even Primary Schools.

The behaviour of some students is appalling. Over the last 5 years approximately 50 children have been forced to be suspended or even expelled by Woodrush with some due to crimes you would not think a child would commit. Last year, a student got expelled for selling and supplying drugs to students in younger years and times before that, people have been expelled for carrying offensive weapons such as knifes in school. Also, many days you can smell cigarette or E-vape fumes on the school playground.

Also I believe that most of the children who "joke around" do it due to peer pressure. There have been a couple of students expelled from Woodrush, due to their foolish acts in a group by "impressing their friends", that have been decent individuals who have been easy to get on with and outgoing about their good thoughts and emotions. Two examples of these types of behaviour were shown last Thursday as one pathetic individual set off the fire alarm as a way to extend break time and, also that morning, an couple of individuals thought it would be funny to send nude photographs of girls through airdrop to peoples phones. This was later deemed not a joke after one photograph got sent to a teacher's iPhone.

The school is expelling students, which is the correct thing to do but I believe they should do more to stop this from the source instead of let these illegal crimes be committed on a school premises for months before being noticed. This would deter students from committing illegal activities in the first place.
Also we need a greater police presence around Wythall, especially before and after school. This is in light of the criminal damage at Wythall Park a few months ago and the regular fights which happen around the area between students which are usually attended by large crowds of people who instead of breaking up the fights, contribute to the vicious atmosphere by encouraging the fights and laughing.

Despite all of this I have heard stories that the Coppice Primary School has had violent occurrences and if they are not being properly dealt there, then that gives a message that bad behaviour is right to a small child. Also, I have heard that groups, in years as small as Reception, have been teaching each other swear words which is despicable to think.

Altogether, I believe that the police should be at the forefront of dealing with this sort of idiotic behaviour but supervision is needed by Woodrush to ensure this behaviour is not deemed as acceptable and the appropriate sanctions should be applied and faster. Also the Coppice should be made more aware that the bad behaviour there is being fed into Woodrush and if we could stop bad behaviour at the source teens may not grow up to steal cars and burgle houses around our neighbourhood.