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What Sporting Opportunities are Available in the Local Area?

English sport in the last few years has been greater than we have ever seen. Football is seen as the main British sport and England have been excelling over the last year. Last summer seems so far in the past but the memories of 30000 fans throwing their drinks into the sky in Hyde Park can quickly come flooding back. Furthermore, the English Premier League is now considered the World's best football league after surpassing the Spanish La Liga. Currently, 4 of the 8 teams left in the Champion's League are English which further emphasises the point that sport is becoming greater in this country.

Locally, we have great facilities which can cater for most sports. Wythall Park is a beautiful place to chill with friends and have a kickabout as they have many goals up and a cage. Furthermore, Wythall Tennis Club have several courts for practising your serve, there is a cricket pavilion which can appeal to children who aspire to be the next Alastair Cook and Redhill Archers provide a more relaxed sport and environment. The Fun Run, which celebrates it's 10th anniversary race on the 23rd of June 2019, is another great way for local athletes to compete and is also inclusive of people who want to get outdoors and have a run for fitness. However, due to recent rises in crime due to criminal damage and violence the park area is becoming slightly unsafe for children to be.

The Woodrush Community Hub has a gym with reasonably cheap rates. Also it has high quality gym equipment which caters for anywhere from general fitness to body building. Also they have cheap rates for a gym and extra discounts are available to Woodrush Sixth Form students. Also there are personal trainers who are dedicated to optimise your performance and achieve your fitness goals. Gym classes such are also available.

For Woodrush students who want to excel in sport, I would highly recommend asking for a chance. The PE department at Woodrush have high belief in their students and I know this from personal experience. I got into sport through chance as the school team was one man short for an athletics competition at the Abbey Stadium. I went because my friends joked about me always wanting to go to a competition when the teachers were searching for a suitable candidate to go. I performed well at the event and managed to retain my spot on the team. Last year I had my greatest achievement of winning the district 800 metre race, a race which I wasn't even meant to be running. I highly believe that it was the belief of the PE department which got me to where I am now and if you think you're good enough then there is no harm in asking, isn't there?

I truly believe that people in the local area have some of the best facilities available in the country. However, if you aspire to become a professional and write your own history in this country's sporting attainments then you must have the dedication to start using all of the great local facilities we have.