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How Will Vélo Birmingham Affect You?

On the 12th of May 2019, 15000 cyclists will take to the roads of Birmingham in a great race of skill and endurance. However, 100 miles over closed roads throughout the second city will cause problems for travellers in the region. The new route for the race goes through parts of the Maypole and Wythall so you may be affected by this race. The route narrowly misses Major's Green but distruptions in travel from there may still occur.

The region's road closures start at 74 miles through the race at a water station on Maypole lane, near Daisy Farm Park. Cyclists then go through Highters Heath Lane and there is a left turn onto the Alcester Road. Cyclists continue past Tesco Express and turn off onto Packhorse Lane, they then cycle further north west through Middle Lane and Gay Hill Lane before turning off into Walker's Heath.

All of these roads will be closed between 7:15am and will re-open at approximately 4:45pm. A heavily detailed road closure map is available at with Solihull, Wythall and the Maypole in sector 7.

Due to these closures diversions should be available. The main routes of diversion should be the A435 and Maypole Lane from Sainsbury's as they will still be open so make sure you plan before you travel.