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Exploring Wythall: Woodrush Hub Review

On Saturday the 18th of May 2019, the hub celebrated its 3rd birthday with a great celebration which showcased the glory of this community centre. The position of the hub is vital as it is located on Shawhurst Lane, in the middle of Wythall and Hollywood, so it is easily accessible and most locals can get their with ease. The only trouble with the journey there is parking. We have already commented on the parking crisis on Shawhurst Lane and the surrounding areas and the location of this centre can make problems worse at times due to the lack of car parking spaces.

On a brighter note, once you have found a safe place to park, you can enter this modern building and you are greeted by a very open planned reception area with a small cafe, which serves sandwiches, hot beverages and delicious smoothies. When I went to the hub to have a look, I was allowed to try some of the creative concoctions and I was delighted with their taste and they felt refreshing to drink. Surprisingly, my favourite was broccoli and kale which I didn't initially think I would like however all of the ingredients came together to sweeten the sharpness of the kale and all of the flavours went together delightfully. Since trying this, I have went back for more and due to their rewards scheme, when you buy 8 smoothies, you will get 1 free, I am already over halfway there to a free smoothie. I also tried some cake which was very nice and the sponge was perfectly cooked and fluffy, also most importantly the consistency was perfect and the cake was not too heavy to eat.

After indulging (or overindulging) in cake and smoothies, I decided to explore the gym as I wanted to burn off some calories. There was a lot to do in the gym and they had great, high tech equipment which can be altered for all people of all different types of physical strengths. Also the friendly staff always on hand to help you out and give you tips and advice for maximum gains and minimum injuries. There are also classes which are designed for people who want to target specific areas of their fitness or just want to have some fun.

The hub also has the Wythall, and Woodrush School, libraries on the upper floor which is stocked with great books which are guaranteed to set any imagination alight. The books also range from basic books, for younger children, to large and challenging novels or autobiographies for advanced readers.

I enjoyed my experience at the Woodrush Community Hub and I believe it has played a successful role in bringing the community together due to its large amount of things to do for all people and it is a great place for people to meet up for a drink and even meet new friends.